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This page provides you with all the major information about our private lessons available in the Pearland area. View our calendar to find available lesson times, read our policies, find prices for lessons and learn about incentives and special discounts available to you.

Lesson Availability

AVAILABLE TIMES: We currently have some great art lesson times available on Sunday afternoon. We are not booking new music students at this time.

HOME LESSONS: Because of drive time scheduling and other factors, availabilities for in-home lessons may be slightly different from the posted availability for studio lessons. Please call us to discuss your desired in-home lesson time.

Types of Lessons

The Hidden art currently offers the following types of lessons.

Art Lessons include learning different media and design techniques. Lessons are for children and adults.

Guitar Lessons (no availability at this time) include beginner through advanced guitar lessons. All students learn the basics of note reading in the first phase of lessons. Intermediate and advanced students focus on learning techniques and theory for a variety of playing situations. These lessons are available for both children and adults.

Bass Lessons (no availability at this time) include beginner through intermediate bass lessons. Students learn the basics of note reading through intermediate theory and technique on the electric bass. These lessons are available for both children and adults.

Piano Lessons (no availability at this time) include beginner through intermediate lessons for both children and adults.

Lesson Scheduling

The typical lesson is scheduled at a regular time and day on a recurring basis and is approximately one half hour in length. Art lessons also include an extra cleanup time of about 15 minutes where the student and teacher clean the workspace after the lesson.

Missed Lessons

One lesson per month may be rescheduled if the studio or teacher is notified at least 48 hours prior to the lesson time. The studio or teacher may exercise some flexibility in this rule from time to time, especially if the student is ill or a family emergency exists. Lessons are generally non-refundable. The studio may, at its sole discretion, choose to give lesson credits from time to time in situations where the student or teacher is unable to schedule a makeup lesson.

Makeup lessons are preferred for the good of the student and the teacher. Rescheduling a lesson early helps ensure that the lesson is conducted efficiently, without creating problems in the studio schedule. More importantly, students learn better when they are kept on a regular lesson and practice schedule. When a student misses lessons for any period of time, he or she has a tendency to practice less. This results in slowed learning and the student tends to forget things learned in previous lessons.

If more flexibility is needed in lesson scheduling, contact The Hidden Art to see if special arrangements can be made on a case by case basis. In some cases, students with irregular availability in their schedules are allowed to float on the studio. They do not have a regular time but call on a weekly basis to see if a suitable time can be found within their available time.

If a student misses a lesson with no notice, no makeup lesson or credit will be given.

Payments, Prices and Discounts

Lesson payments are due at the first scheduled lesson of the month. If the student informs the teacher that he or she will be missing a lesson, the teacher will schedule a makeup time for the missed lesson. Under certain circumstances, the teacher will credit the lesson to the next month.

Lesson Pricing

Current lesson prices are as follows.

Advertised Specials

From time to time, special are available. Some specials are cumulative, meaning that someone receiving a regular discount on lessons, such as the family discount, can also benefit from another discount such as receiving a free lesson for a referral. Under special circumstances, other specials may also be available.

Advertised specials are available from time to time in local ads and on our website. These specials may not be used with each other, are subject to change without notice and other restrictions may apply. However, each advertised special may be used along with family discounts and referral incentives.

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